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Kembara Pengubat Rindu

 Kembara Pengubat Rindu Alhamdullilah, kami telah berjaya mengadakan satu pengembaraan setelah hampir 2 tahun kami tidak ride bersama-sama. Ride terakhir kami adalah Ride Himalaya pada tahun 2019. Route kami kali ini adalah: Kuala Terengganu - Sungai Petani - Hatyai - Yala - Pattani - Betong - Penang - Jeli - Kuala Terengganu Day 01: 14 May 2022 Kuala Terengganu - Sungai Petani (412 km) Kami memulakan perjalanan agak lewat sikit harini kerana aku terpaksa menunggu isteriku tiba di Kuala Terengganu dari Kuala Lumpur menaiki kapal terbang. Kapal terbang AirAsia mendarat pada pukul 10:50 pagi di lapangan terbang Kuala Terengganu. Selepas saja makan tengahari kami terus pulang rumah untuk bersiap-siap. Kami memulakan perjalanan pada pukul 12:40 tengahari. Kami melalui Banjaran Titiwangsa (Jeli - Gerik) yang mengambil masa 4 jam 30 minit untuk sampai ke Castella Cafe. Cuaca harini sungguh panas sepanjang perjalanan. Sampai di sini saja, isteriku terus terjun dalam air sungai sangat sejuk. T



1. DATE: 26th - 28th February 2016 

Head Trail: 
Kuala Betis (Kedai Runcit Arfila) -> Guling -> Pos Tohoi -> Pos Simpor (Campsites)

Dakota KN630 Expedition:
Pos Simpor -> Kg Mering -> Kg Kajang -> Pos Gob 


a. BHP GOMBAK TOLL - (N 3.253470, E 101.727911) 
b. IPD GUA MUSANG - (N 4.864357, E 101.954100) 
c. KUALA BETIS - ( Kedai Runcit Arfila - N 4.8995127, E 101.7901462) 
d. POS GOB - (N 5.2506111, E 101.6567002) 
e. POS SIMPOR - (N 5.1288889, E 101.5960613)


#‎Dual‬-Purposes Bikes 

1) Ivan Yong - Tenere XT660Z
2) Mohd Rosaini - KTM 690R
3) Rahman - F800GS
4) Azman Ahmad - KTM 690R
5) Kris Baba - KTM1190
6) Wan Din - G650X
7) Wan Fahmy - F800GS
8) Mohd Aswade Ali - R1200GS LC
9) Abu Zahrim Ismail - F650GS (Changed mind to KLX 150)
#‎MX‬/ Enduro Bikes 

1) Ruzuke - MX YZF250
2) Yusri - MX
3) Abah Tahir - MX RMZ250
4) Mukmin - MX
5) Isyraf Wan - YZ125
6) Capt Nik - CRF 250
7) Shaharin Wan - CRF 250
8) Robert Cheong - KTM 350
9) Asri Ismail - CRF250
10) Nasser - CRF250
11) Farid - KLX150
12) Joey Jong - KTM 250 EXC
13) Amir Faezal Zakaria - KLX450
14) Masri - KLX150 
15) Jihad - CRF250
16) Syed Zafilen - CRF250
17) Jefri - KLX150
18) Joey Jong - CRF250
19) Azhar Ahmad - DR250
20) Zulkifli - MX
21) Ropi - MX
22) Chett - MX
23) Idan - MX
24) Mie - MX
25) Pendi - MX
26) Cik - MX
27) Faisal Musa - WR250

‪#‎4x4‬ Wheels 

1) Abah Tahir - Support Vehicles 
2) Robert - Mitsubishi Pajero 
3) Sahran Ali - 4WD
4) Johari Bakar - 4WD
5) Mohd Syukri Puteh - 4WD

5. Minimum Number 

Dual Purpose Bikes: 10
MX Bikes: 10
4WD: 5 

7. GPS Links 

a. IPD GUA MUSANG - ( 4.864357, 101.954100 ) -
b. KUALA BETIS - (Kedai Runcit Arfila - 4.8995127,101.7901462 ) -
c. POS GOB - ( 5°15'02.2"N+101°39'32.0"E @ 5.2506111,101.6567002 ) -
d. POS SIMPOR - ( 5°07'44.0"N+101°35'53.7"E @ 5.1288889,101.5960613 ) -
e. DAKOTA KN630 - ( 5°12'44.5"N 101°37'00.5"E @ 5.2123743,101.6146133 ) -
f. DAKOTA KN630 TREKKING HEAD TRAIL - ( 5°12'47.4"N 101°37'15.2"E @ 5.2131723, 101.6187063 ) -
g.WATERFALL KPG PENCHONG - ( 5°12'50.7"N 101°37'14.8"E @ 5.2140993, 101.6185843 ) -


Breakfast at Gua Musang at 0800 hrs.

With Aman & Baba from Singapore (SOAR Team)

We RVed at Kuala Betis (Kedai Runcit Arfila) which was our kick-off point for the ride. We got everything ready here. 

1. Lowered down tires pressure for offroading (2Mbar Rear/ Front)
2. Switched off ABS
3. Switched on Enduro Pro Modes
4. Took off panniers

The weather was sunny, nice and hot as we started our ride heading into the trails. It got really dusty as we rode in bull dust all the way to Pos Tohoi where we re-grouped but unfortunately Baba's bike KTM 1190 R was broke down due to electronic sensor 2km before Pos Tohoi.

At Pos Tahoi. 

Rob passed the photos that he took previously (During flood relief mission in Gua Musang).

From Pos Tohoi the trail started climbing after we crossed a log bridge just a few kilometers from Pos Tohoi. 

Click here ---> Video

Aboo, Ameteur Cameraman

"Seven orang asli pupils of SK Pos Tohoi, comprising six girls and a boy aged between seven and 11 were reported missing at Sungai Perias on Aug 23, 2015. They are Juvina David (7), Linda Rosli (8), Sasa Sobrie (8), Ika Ayel (9), Haikal Yaakob (8), Norieen Yaakob (10) and Miksudiar Aluj (11). Lost for more than 46 days here and 2 of them founded alive. One kid from Pos Penad and another one from Pos Tohoi, Norieen Yaakob and Miksudiari Aluj"

Some climbs were pretty long and steep but the dry conditions made them easy to tackle and benign. I felt down in middle of steep while trying to avoid dropped bike and log trailer "stewong".

Little did we realise how these trails would transform and bite back when wet.

We stopped at junction at Kg Kajang to regroup.

The only orang asli who is staying here. We continued our journey to Pos Simpor. The road are worse than Kuala Betis - Kg Kajang. No logging activities along this road. We reached Pos Simpor at 1630 hours.

We reached campsite at 1700 hours.

"Mandi" Time at Perias River by the campsite

First class dinner in the jungle.

Abah Tahir, man behind scene. 

Happy hour.

After dinner, we went to Pos Simpor for "Sewang Dance" 

Heavy raining at night, almost everything getting wet.


Breakfast time.

Some of participant refused to ride to Dakota because the road still wet and slippery.  It almost impossible to ride GS 1200LC in this condition of road.Very risky. Wak (Masri) lent me his KLX 150 for me. Thanks god!

KLX 150 very easy to handle and suitable for this challenge.

We gathered at Pos Simpor.

Challenge at "Ivan Hill"

The most challenging is downhill at Ivan Hill. Very..very..slippery. The bike can not stop, it just slip down. Uncontrollable! Some of them, felt down.

We continued until waterfall at Pos Gob.

Pos Gob

My bike punctured. I'm lucky MX team brought their spare tube.

Waterfall at Pos Gob

The only 2 DPs managed to complete the mission..Bravo to Ivan & Rob!!

At 1530 hours, we rode back to campsite. It was raining heavily.

I felt down onto rough road (gravel) after Kg Kajang's junction and unconscious for awhile. When I open my eye, i saw everybody around me. I'm lucky nothing happen, just pain on my left hand.

I couldn't ride the bike. I went back with 4x4 while Aboo rode my bike back.

Another dramatic action, when 2 of our 4x4 could not pass Ivan Hill. We need to winch up them with electric pole as anchor point. Alhamdullilah, we passed after 4 hour struggle in the dark. The champion medals should be given to Robert (Mitsubishi Pajero) and Johari (Toyata Land Cruiser)!!


We reached campsite at 12:00 am.

Very tired.


After breakfast, we started packing up your staff.

Group photo session.

I got Rob to help me to rode out my bike from campsite to Pos Simpor. Unfortunately, it very tough to handle this monster.

I decided to bring back my bike on Hilux.

Thanks to Robert (Pajero), brought me back Kuala Betis.

Some photos;

We stopped at Gua Cha.

We arrived Kuala Betis at 12:00 pm.

I went back to Semenyih with Farid & Nasir (car) and Faizal Musa helped me to ride my GS back.



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