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Kembara Pengubat Rindu

 Kembara Pengubat Rindu Alhamdullilah, kami telah berjaya mengadakan satu pengembaraan setelah hampir 2 tahun kami tidak ride bersama-sama. Ride terakhir kami adalah Ride Himalaya pada tahun 2019. Route kami kali ini adalah: Kuala Terengganu - Sungai Petani - Hatyai - Yala - Pattani - Betong - Penang - Jeli - Kuala Terengganu Day 01: 14 May 2022 Kuala Terengganu - Sungai Petani (412 km) Kami memulakan perjalanan agak lewat sikit harini kerana aku terpaksa menunggu isteriku tiba di Kuala Terengganu dari Kuala Lumpur menaiki kapal terbang. Kapal terbang AirAsia mendarat pada pukul 10:50 pagi di lapangan terbang Kuala Terengganu. Selepas saja makan tengahari kami terus pulang rumah untuk bersiap-siap. Kami memulakan perjalanan pada pukul 12:40 tengahari. Kami melalui Banjaran Titiwangsa (Jeli - Gerik) yang mengambil masa 4 jam 30 minit untuk sampai ke Castella Cafe. Cuaca harini sungguh panas sepanjang perjalanan. Sampai di sini saja, isteriku terus terjun dalam air sungai sangat sejuk. T

CAMP & RIDE - SG BERNAM (29 - 31 JAN 2016)

Prepared by: Faudzi Din & Aswade

The offroad adventure genre has been garnering more and more followers in Malaysia. A bit latecomer in the scene, with Europe, Americas, Australisia, Russia and Africas have been doing it for ages. Expensive price of motorcycle is the main reason. In this region, Thailand has been ahead by a number of years. Personally, my search for offroad biking friends has practically ended, and I can enjoy more and more offroad buddies organizing trips, unlike a year ago when I had to join motorcross friends for offroad activities. BMW F800GS Facebook Group has taken the lead last year and this year, and I am happy to tag along these fellas.

Sg Bernam in Tg Malim is an ideal place for offroad motorcycling activity, being only less than an hour from KL. The trails are in abundance, you get to choose from easy routes, to the most challenging roin forest single trails exclusive only in a few places in the world, ours being the world's oldest rainforest.

This time, we have multitudes of made and models joing my modest trip: BMW R1200GS LCs, a Naza Blade, tons of BMW F800GS/A, a lone F700GS, my G650GS, three Vesys. a Suzuki Dr, one humungous KTM1190R and smaller motorcrosses. We were supported by Tg Malim Bikers who brought in food rations by 4WD. One biker rode all the way from Kemamag Ganu kiter to join this trip, while one shot from Singapore the Kiasu Land.


1. Abg Jani - F800GS 

2. Faudzi Din - G650GS 

3. Syed Kechik - F800GS Adventure

4. Ivan Yong - Tenere XT660Z 
5. Iswandy - KTM1190R 
6. Aswade - GS1200LC 
7. Sierra Romeo - F800GS 
8. Asmazi Omar - Versys 650 
9. Adha Firdaus - Versys 650
10. Kiboo - F800GS 
11. Kamalul - Versys 650 
12. Azmi Laksamana - Blade 650 
13. Syed Zafilen - GS1200LC 
14. Zack - F700GS 
15. Hanz - F800GS 
16. Aznal - F800GS
17. Apik - KLX450 
18. Rob Armstrong - DR650 

29 JAN 2016 - FRIDAY (DAY 01)


TEAM B: Syed Zafilen, Aswade, Azmi, Iswandi & Adha Firdaus

B. LUNCH AT MEDAN SELERA, TANJUNG MALIM (1200 HRS)(N 3.68336, E 101.52209) 




                                         ISWANDY - KTM 1190 R
                                           ASWADE - GS 1200 LC
                                               QIB - GS F800

                                     SYED ZAFILEN - GS 1200 LC 

                                         ADHA FIRDAUS - VERSYS 650 


We stopped for a while to reduce tires pressure prior to Offroading for my bike, i normally reduced to 2.0Mbar (rear & front). I'm helping Syed Zafilen, who is first timer offroading with DP.


The route considered EASY but will change to MEDIUM or DIFFICULT when raining.

We went eventful, with thousands of tertonggengs climbing steep slippery hills. 

Many were first timers, and Izani Mat Il's definition of "track senang ajer" was way underrated. Semua kena conned. Back breaking lifting of heavy bikes. One of the riders just undergone pembedahan jantung recently, so I was rather afraid him collapsing dead in front of me trying to lift his 300kg monster. 

All well end wells, like the title of Jackie Chan's movie. I had to turn around halfway to rescue a bike, so i didnt get the chance to complete the Day 1 route. Have to try again soon. 

We reached campsite at 1700 hrs (N 3.717568, E 101.570507)

We need to cross wooden bridge, 5m before campsite.

Clear Crystal River of Bernam

Day one ended with nice dinner cooked by Pawi, Apik & Abg Jani. 

BBQ by Iswandy

                               30 JAN 2016 - SATURDAY (DAY 02)

We started with freezing refreshing shower in the jungle, awaken by chirping sounds of krokkrekkrokkrek bugs, and birds. 

After pulut breakfast, we trekked to Lubok Kawah.

"Setengah jam ajer" said Apik, the liar guide. It took us an hour climbing steep hills and fighting with millions of pacats. "Takde pacat, sebab semalam tak hujan. Pacat keluar kalau jalan basah aje", said Abg Jani earlier. 

Lubok Kawah was awesome, the good swimmer somersault's heaven to Abg Syed, Rob and Aswade. For us rakyat marhein who can barely float, we looked in awe sambil air liur meleleh.

 Lunch; Ayam Pasok, Iban's Dish cooked by Abe Jani

Have a nap after lunch.
 Techical discussion in evening.
Night Offroading.

Kinda crazy idea. I thought I was joking when the idea was mooted a week before. Turned out this was the highlight of the event. Superb. We rode out to R&R Bernam for drink, and then went back in to the camp site via long way down, 20km of pitch black night offroading. 

The winner of the night was Iswandy, the KTM 1190R rider, who being short, dropped his heavy bikes numerous times. Me being "official" photographer had the liberty to just look and pretend to snap photos without helping. I let others to help him lifting his bike. I have more important job to do haha...

All ended well. No injuries. No damage to egos. Except Syed Kechik lah kot. Motor bau kedai lagi tapi dah tergolek dog. 

We took nightime shower in the river by 12 midnight. Kinda creepy mandi bunga from the Siam movies you know...

                          31 JAN 2016 - SUNDAY (DAY 03)

We left the camp site in Day 3 at 11am. Nice trip. Thanks buddies!

                          ----------------------------- END --------------------------------


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